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Meditation | EN


  • 5 euros

Descripción del servicio

Through meditation you can connect with the original state of your being, and whatever stress, blockage, worry, anxiety that exists can slowly start to soften. And then, when you open up, you find real peace—calm, relaxed, and open. This is your actual real nature, which is then able to shine out as compassionate actions towards yourself and others around you. This friendly, open-hearted session is for anyone interested in meditation and exploring mindfulness training. During the classes we will aim to come closer to this real nature by focusing on stabilising our awareness and look at different mindfulness areas such as breathing, sound, sensations, emotions, thoughts and more. A typical class includes a short talk to settle in the moment, a guided meditation and a brief dialog afterwards to help ground the experience. Use code MINDFUL for a free trial class.

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